Work sites in aquatic environnements require specialized equipments and services. For this reason, we developed the BRI-200 for professional applications in order to contain all the Suspended Matters. This equipment meet objective criteria in terms of structural strength and operational efficiency.

Taking into account the strict environmental standards, Pollustock helps its clients to preserve natural environments by proposing a large range of services. This company is specialized in prevention of pollution risks which include : Site studies, identification of adapted equipments and installation phases by our technicians and certified divers.

Developed by our engineers in 2013, this floating barrier against Suspended Matters became the reference for dredging, grading and construction sites. The BRI-200 is made of a single tubular flotation chamber reinforced by longitudinal straps, and PVC ( or géotextile ) curtains that can be interconnected thanks to our innovative jonction system called « SJS ». 

Our technology BRI-200 contains 100% of Suspended Matters in different operating contexts : ports, rivers, lakes and sea fronts.