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The fight against pollution in the aquatic environment requires a real commitment. Our permanent involvement for more than 10 years in the design of new generation anti-pollution floating barriers, and in the realization of a set of innovative solutions to contain and control accidental and chronic pollution in the most extreme contexts, gradually imposed Pollustock as a reference player in the world of environmental protection.

By pushing back the limits of use of our equipment year after year, we have opened new perspectives of action and efficiency regarding surface pollution control and the control of suspended matter. Supporting businesses and communities in their objectives of prevention and environmental responsibility, is for us a top priority that imposes a totally differentiating approach based on listening, availability, responsiveness and a complete and perfectly complete and structured offer of products and services.

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Our floating anti-pollution barriers are professional pieces of equipment which are specifically developed for their field of application. Conversely, to all generalist resellers and in accordance with our historical status as a leading company in the design and development of containment and containment solutions, all our floating anti-pollutant or suspended material barriers benefit from exclusive and exceptional structural qualities' optimization principles. Designed to combine strength, ease of use and versatility, they represent the ideal solution for all site configurations and all usage conditions. Because we know that you work in a difficult environment, our technical sales staff benefit from the technical and operational expertise needed to advise you in choosing the most suitable equipment but will also be able to follow you and you assist you in its use. Pollustock, professionals committed to your side.

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We put all our passion and expertise at your service in order to stimulate a new chain of solidarity whose purpose is to support, through concrete multi-year actions, French non-commercial entities directly or indirectly involved in the aquatic environment and who don't have available and sufficient financial means, who must resolve to reconcile with the environmental risk and agree not to be able to act and intervene in case of accidental and or chronic pollution.

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