CARDEM demolition uses our solutions to contain all the Suspended Matters that are generated near aquatic environments.

Subsidiary of Eurovia Group, CARDEM is one of European’s leader in different sectors : deconstruction, demolition and asbestos removal. Its purpose is to reach the minimum footprint from operating activities.

At the harbor of Carnon ( France ), our technicians delivered and installed 120 meters of floating barriers « BCM-250 » that works against turbidity. Equipped with filter geotextile curtains of 3 meters deep, this equipment will be a huge help for controlling the dispersion of solid and liquid wastes during the duration of the demolition work.

In order to carry out this environmental mission and protect the waters of the harbor, Pollustock selected the BCM-250. Made of a proof floating chamber with a diameter of 250 mm that can be connected to several meters of pvc ( or geotextile ) curtains , this floating barrier is suitable to professional applications.

This solution is composed of thee severable units that can be modified without any tools : floating chamber, curtain and bottom weights. The jonction operation takes only few minutes.

Pollustock is involved in Europe for the supply, installation and maintenance of the selected and appropriate equipments. That’s an essential role for companies that act in the preservation of natural environments.