Pollustock in partnership with UPACA, GIPM and Ecotank support environmental sponsorship

Beyond the main general principles, the environment's preservation and protection is undeniably the individual responsibility of each and every one of us. In this sense, the active role of every citizen must be motivated and reinforced from an early age by the exemplarity of precursors who have become referents of fundamental values that are both simple and strong.
Thus, the setting the example's infinitely cognitive function makes it possible to acquire knowledge and reflexes day after day and in a lasting way, which will gradually be assimilated by all for a multiplied efficiency. Fully aware that our status as a specialized company requires us to go well beyond the simple professional and economic commitment, the company Pollustock and its partners engage in environmental sponsorship.

The principle:

We put all our passion and expertise at your service in order to stimulate a new chain of solidarity whose purpose is to support, through concrete multi-year actions, French non-commercial entities directly or indirectly involved in the aquatic environment and who don't have available and sufficient financial means, who must resolve to reconcile with the environmental risk and agree not to be able to act and intervene in case of accidental and or chronic pollution.

The solution:

Knowing that in the first 20 minutes of pollution's occurrence, the availability of suitable professional equipment, can in most cases allow us to avoid a wide spread of a pollutant in and on water and thus limit alteration of endemic eco-systems, we have devised a rapid intervention kit (PROKAP40) consisting of a professional anti-pollution floating dam (BCM250 or LC400), a set of absorbents (40 liters - hydrocarbons and derivatives ) as well as personal protective equipment essential for worker safety.


Twice a year, by a simple drawing (end of May and end of October) conducted under the impartial control of Mrs. Véronique Tourrel General Delegate of UPACA and Mr. Philippe Delean in his capacity as President of GIPM, our anti-water pollution kit rapid intervention PROKAP40 is made available free of charge to a non-commercial entity (associations, fire brigades, civil security, communal technical services, public research centers, non-governmental organizations, foundations, forest management services, parks and waterways) that can directly or indirectly justify a link with water and human resources allowing the use of the kit. Theoretical training provided by ECOTANK completes the provision of PROKAP40.

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Exclusions :

Le mécénat environnemental soutenu par la société POLLUSTOCK, l'UPACA, le GIPM et la société ECOTANK exclut toute personne physique, toute personne morale ou toute entité juridique ayant directement ou indirectement une activité à but lucratif ou capitalistique.

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