Our Hr-1000 net integrates the Preventing Plastic Pollution programme, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, as part of an ambitious cooperation between France and England.

From now on, we know that the fight against the contamination of natural environments by waste, follows the collective awareness that requires the commitment of all actors of society : territorial communities, elected representatives, associations and companies.

Gathering 18 French and English organizations, the Preventing Plastic Pollution program will try to identify the origin of the four million tons of plastic waste that enter the sea each year by rivers and rivers.

By monitoring and examining closely the watersheds, the main objective is to identify the source of plastic accumulation, their dispersal mechanisms, their volume. These datas should influence positively the behavior of local community members and companies by proposing effective solutions.

As part of this European cooperation programme Interreg, the Syndicat du bassin de l’Elorn asked Pollustock to launch a specific study which consists to install 5 brand new nets called HR-1000.

This anti macro waste device has an exclusive filtration capacity thanks to 5 x 5 mm meshes. 

This commun project illustrates all the involvement, creativity and commitment of our development department which is motivated in moving forward by protecting marine life