On December 17, 2018, the Pollustock rapid response team led a security mission in the port of Cros de Cagnes. In less than two hours, a 20-meter-long BCM250 surface anti-pollution floating dam is taken on site and then deployed to foresee any risk of dispersion of pollutants in the port after the accidental fall of a fishing boat. In order to guarantee perfect control of the situation, this pvc dam is lined with absorbent 200mm hydrophobic polypropylene dams capable of absorbing all the fuel present in the tanks. This intervention's effectiveness has only been made possible under two closely related conditions:

- The training of the harbor master to react and make the right decisions
- The availability of a stock of floating dams and absorption equipment

In order to provide its customers with maximum assistance, the Pollustock company has a permanent stock of several hundred meters of professional anti-pollution floating dams, absorbent floating dams in various diameters, absorbent sheets and rolls as well as containment tanks for the temporary storage of waste soiled by pollutants. All this equipment's implementation is provided by our team which is specialized in the prevention of environmental risks in the aquatic environment and its ability to intervene 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Composition of the equipment provided:

- A floating containment dam against surface pollution type BCM250
- Absorbent dams of 200mm diameter made of pure polypropylene

Composition of the intervention team:

- Two operators trained for the implementation of anti-pollution equipment
- 4-wheel drive vehicle with short gears and limited slip differential