« By taking the initiative to extend the first anti macro waste net HR-1000 in the department of Var - France, Dracénie Provence Verdon Agglomération joins our movement which is to struggle against wastes dispersion in natural environments.

Three nets were installed near main touristic resorts of the region : le Verdon, le Golfe de Saint-Tropez and Côte d’Azur. It is, therefore, a strong message of environmental responsibility sent by this agglomeration which gather 23 cities and more than 107.000 inhabitants : « Inaction and passivity can no longer be tolerated ».

As part of the struggle against solid waste, we face a situation that required strong individual and collective responsabilities. Knowing that more than 90% of waste at sea is from terrestrial origin, the vast majority of these ones come from anti-social behaviour. Small individual actions have been accumulated for decades and have resulted in one of the most serious global pollution that hit our society...

From now, it is crucial that each of us contributes to the change of mentalities, by being voluntary and engaged actors of tomorrow’s world.

To achieve this goal and take up this environmental challenge, we should increase the number of awareness campaigns in order to carry out remedial solutions at a national scale. Therefore, the anti macro waste net HR-1000 has been sized to reach a strong volumetric capacity about several cubic meters.

The HR-1000 anti-macro multi-wall waste net has exceptional strength for exceptional efficiency knowing that this solution doesn’t need any maintenance and doesn’t required any energy input. »