Our floating dams in the port of Golf Juan

Floating anti-pollution dams designed for the retention of liquids, developed by the Pollustock company, meet high requirements that make them ideally suited to environmental crisis situations. Our BRI200 and LC400 booms were deployed on October 17, 2018 in the port of Golf Juan by our partner company Ecotank to define a double safety zone around a 42-meter yacht, the Lalibela, which had been destroyed by a fire.

The BRI200 is a semi-rigid, cylindrical, tubular dam equipped with a 50 cm waterproof skirt, which in turn makes it possible for partitioned chamber anti-pollution dams to easily define large preformed safety zones, even in the presence of waves or currents. This specificity of the BRI200 will allow the company Ecotank to conduct its anti-pollution operations safely for 15 days, while avoiding the dispersion of oils and hydrocarbons that continue to escape the wreck.