PROBAC-X, Professional containment basin

In the context of clean-up projects carried out in the marine or terrestrial environment, it is essential to have all the equipment to guarantee the recovery and cleaning operations' environmental efficiency.

In keeping with our status as a company specializing in the control of pollutants, we offer a complete range of professional equipment to retain, absorb and store. The recovery of hydrocarbon and oil type polluting liquids generates a lot of waste that must be temporarily stored on site before being treated in a specialized sector.

In order to bring an adapted answer to the actors of the fight against pollution, we developed the PROBAC-X. The PROBAC-X is a 3m x 5m-sized containment pond made from double-reinforced 900g PVC per square meter and features an imposing 45cm inflatable mono-tubular inflatable chamber in which dams and absorbent sheets, garbage cans, accessories and soiled waste can be stored. Light and easy to use, the PROBAC-X comes with a tarpaulin, a repair kit and, optionally, an electric pump.