Anti-jellyfish net

The anti-jellyfish net BAM14 is structurally simplified, it can be used in all types of implantation contexts up to recommended depths of 5 meters.

By contributing, in 2007, to the conceptualization and manufacture of the first anti-jellyfish nets for the perimeter delimitation of bathing areas, our company has historically specialized in the analysis and understanding of issues related to these equipment's' usage specifications.

Since then and in close collaboration with the main maritime reference players, our company has been constantly involved in the research and development of new flotation and docking principles in order to define, design and propose more and more efficient solutions with regards to efficiency and resistance.
Since June 2015, the marketing of our fourth generation of BAM14 anti-jellyfish nets for perimeter delineation of bathing areas, offers the synthesis of all our knowledge and expertise in this area of passion and performance.

Resistance and flexibility:

Equipped with a reinforced structure which is perfectly compatible with the binding use of eco-friendly screw anchors, the BAM14 anti-jellyfish net can be deployed without any impact on the environment. It can be used for everyone's comfort in geographical areas characterized by the presence of a rich seabed
in eco-systems and covered with protected Posidonia marine flora.
In its standard version, its exclusive integrated ballast system, available in its LCI300 or LCI600 versions, offers a flexible and continuous solution, which gradually, and without tensioning the seabed, helps to eliminate the effects of scraping, while ensuring a complete enclosure that prevents unwanted intrusions.

Surface water renewal:

With a specific and exclusive flotation chamber, consisting of a 14x14mm square mesh net, the BAM14 anti-jellyfish net is the only anti-jellyfish net available today, allowing you to stop all the elements present in the water (macrodechts, algae and jellyfish) in order to maintain a permanent exchange of fluids between the inside and the outside of the secure zone in order to guarantee a permanent renewal of the surface waters and thus to preserve a compatible water quality with the sanitary constraints specific to collective use.

Contexts of Use

Beaches, hotels, resorts