Anti-jellyfish net

Anti-jellyfish net BSM250

By contributing in 2007, to the conceptualization and manufacture of the first anti-jellyfish nets for the perimeter delimitation of bathing areas, our company has historically specialized in the analysis and understanding of issues related to these equipment’s' usage characteristics.
Since then and in close collaboration with the main maritime reference players, our company has been constantly involved in the research and development of new flotation and docking principles in order to define, design and propose more and more efficient solutions with regards to efficiency and resistance.

The BSM250 anti-jellyfish net is a mono-tubular, manufactured anti-jellyfish buoyancy boom, made from a selection of high-tenacity coated fabrics to meet high usage requirements. Benefiting from the same exclusive structuring principles as the BCS200 and BCS250 (anti-turbidity range), the BSM250 anti-jellyfish net materializes all the knowledge and technical advances acquired by our company in the field of aquatic and underwater containment.
Having exceptional overall stability, continuous and enhanced waterline allow the BSM250 anti-jellyfish net to support submerged jellyfish nets at depths deeper than 7 meters.
Its joining principle developed from a very high resistance industrial marine zip (4200 kg tear resistance), allows quick and simplified implementation and safety procedures.
Its unsinkable tubular flotation chamber, completed by a perfectly hermetic 30 cm longitudinal skirt, makes this dam a versatile equipment, able to stop both jellyfish and macro waste, but also any small accidental surface pollution that may come to disrupt bathing areas, such as residual oil slicks and chemicals.

Specifications :

- Continuous waterline.
- Hermetic surface protection.
- Great depth of containment.
- Industrial marine zip joint.
- Customizable ballast

Contexts of Use

Beaches, hotels, resorts