Anti-pollution dam

The pollution prevention dam BCM250 is the new professional pollution prevention floating dam developed by Pollustock. If this robust and versatile floating boom allows thanks to its weighted skirt of 50 centimeters to retain all the surface pollution (liquids, plastics, wood), it can also confine suspended matter with removable and interchangeable optional curtains.

Its compartmentalized cylindrical chamber with high buoyancy of 25 centimeters in diameter has been studied to withstand high voltages and to meet a level of efficiency unmatched anywhere even in the maritime environment. Space-saving and equipped with our innovative SJS quick connection system, the BCM250 anti-pollution barrier can be deployed, extended or modified in just a few minutes without effort by two operators.

Oppositely to all the other versions sold by general distributors, this perfectly completed dam integrates all the options and accessories that have made the reputation of all our equipment:


A versatile professional floating boom that both restrains surface pollution thanks to its standard 50 cm skirt and confines suspended materials with its optional curtains. Its cylindrical, high-buoyancy 25-centimeter cylindrical chamber makes it possible to deploy the BCM250 anti-pollution dam in just a few minutes. Equipped with reinforced traction and lashing buckles for intensive use and many carrying handles, this dam is one of the best with regards to value for money today.

Contexts of use

Lakes, rivers, ports, ponds, seas, jetties, shipyards



Product ID

Module lenggth

Chamber diameter



Module jonction


PVC screen réf:PO88-0296

PVC screen réf:PO88-0285

Geotextile screen réf:PO88-0297

Geotextile screen réf:PO88-0298

Ballast sheath réf:PO88-0253





PVC 900g/m2 hydrocarbon, oil and acid treatment

Velcro / Clamp


Lenght: 20m - Height 1,00m

Lenght 20m - Height 2,50m

Lenght 20m - Height 1,00m

Lenght 20m - Height 2,50m

Lenght 20m - Weight: 2kg/m

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