Anti-pollution dam

The BRI200 anti-pollution dam is a high-strength dam equipped with longitudinal tear-resistant reinforcement belts both on its cylindrical tubular chamber and below its waterline.

These exclusive options combined with a clever, intuitive vertical and horizontal junction system called the SJS (simplified junction system) make the BRI200 pollution control boom a high-quality dam that can be used in any and all operational contexts.

A single operator without any tools or qualifications can modify, enhance or reduce the draft of this dam up to bathymetries of 5 meters.

The BRI200 pollution control dam has been designed to confine suspended matter present in water as well as all surface pollution.

Modular confinement depths

Thanks to an ingenious junction system developed by our design office, in just a few minutes with the SJS you can (including immersion) and without tools, reduce or increase the size of your curtains while ensuring a perfect tightness against pollution. It is from our two standard curtains in 1 and 2.5 meters compatible with each other, that all combinations become possible. The BRI200 pollution control boom gives you unparalleled freedom, flexibility and versatility.

Junctions between modules are very resistant and 100% waterproof

In order to find an alternative solution to the cumbersome lacing operations that have so far characterized the installation of anti-suspended material curtains and to answer the problems that could considerably limit their operational efficiency, our engineers have developed a new joining principle says SJS for Simplified junction system. This evolution uses the advantages of the principle of mechanical fastening by hooks and textile loops, more commonly known as Velcro. An innovative construction in the form of a clamp has made it possible both to increase its resistance to tearing and to simplify its use, including immersion. The Velcro pliers guarantee the BRI200 anti-pollution dam its operational efficiency and exceptional versatility.

Context of Use

Lakes, rivers, ports, ponds, seas, jetties, shipyards



Anti-pollution dam BRI200

Module lenggth

Chamber diameter



Module jonction


PVC screen réf:PO88-0296

PVC screen réf:PO88-0285

Geotextile screen réf:PO88-0297

Geotextile screen réf:PO88-0298

Ballast sheath réf:PO88-0253





PVC 900g/m2 hydrocarbon, oil and acid treatment

Velcro / Clamp


Lenght 20m - Height 1,00m

Lenght 20m - Height 2,50m

Longueur 20m - Height 1,00m

Lenght 20m - Height 2,50m

Lenght 10m - Weight: 2kg/m

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