Emergency oil spill kits

Emergency oil spill kits

The emergency oil pollution control kits are preventive equipment essential for the active fight against oil or oil-based liquid pollution in the aquatic environment. Offered in different absorption capacities ranging from 20 liters to more than 1000 liters, they allow to absorb pollutants in the context of chronic pollution or in the context of accidental spills and thus to quickly control the spread of these in the environment. Presented in the form of individual transport bags, trolleys or in the form of containers they can be stored in an intervention vehicle or predisposed on a construction site, a barge or on a port.
Our status as a specialized company allows us to offer you standard antipollution oil kits as well as customized antipollution hydrocarbon kits composed of absorbents and professional accessories that will be perfectly adapted to your needs. Leaves, rolls, coils and dams.
We can also customize your transport bags, trolleys or containers to identify them to your company and thus highlight its environmental commitment and active involvement in a more responsible world.

PROKAP-40, the Professional Emergency Kit

Knowing that it is recognized that the first 25 minutes are crucial in the management of accidental pollution, the permanent availability of containment, absorption and storage equipment is therefore an essential preventive obligation. Our quick response kit PROKAP-40, a Pollustock innovation is the most suitable solution to intervene quickly and efficiently to prevent the spread of pollution during leaks or accidental spills in the port, industrial or public works contexts. This exclusive kit was designed by the company Pollustock in order to offer the very first emergency solution combining all the equipment and accessories essential to a professional quality intervention in one proposal.

- BCM250 surface pollution dam (20m x 50cm)
- Two absorbent polypropylene rolls (192 liters)
- PPE for two operators (excluding life jackets)

KAPY-50, the special marine oil pollution control kit

The first Individual Pollution Prevention Kit specially dedicated to the boating world. A reference in terms of results and efficiency. Perfectly sized and packaged in a lightweight and highly resistant blue pvc bag, the KAPY-50 is made up of all accessories and professional equipment to manage small accidental liquid pollution. KAPY-50 is therefore the first anti-pollution solution for sea and pleasure enthusiasts who are aware of the responsibility and role of everyone in the preservation of the marine environment.

- Protections (jumpsuit, gloves, glasses, masks and shoes) essential for worker safety.
Different absorbent formats to absorb 50 liters of pollutants such as hydrocarbons, oils and derivatives.

Kit 20L - Réf: PO88-0321

Composition Kit

10 sheets 40 x 50 cm
2 rolls Ø 8 x 120 cm
1 pair of protective gloves with 2 wipers
2 salvage bags

Kit 45L - Réf: PO88-0320

Composition Kit

10 sheets 40 x 50 cm + 50 sheets 30 x 30 cm 2 rolls Ø 8 x 120 cm
1 pair of protection gloves
4 wipers
2 salvage bags

Kit 800L - Réf: PO88-0319

Composition Kit

1 pallet box PE 670 liters with lid (Dim. L 1200 x W 1000 x H 790 mm)
300 sheets (C) or 600 sheets (NT) 40 x 50 cm 2 rolls 44 x 48 cm

12 rolls Ø 8 x 120 cm
5 rolls Ø 8 x 300 cm
30 cushions 23 x 23 cm
1 combination in Tyvek
1 pair of nitrile gloves
1 pair of goggles 20 wipers
20 salvage bags

Kit Kapy 50L - Réf: PO88-0379 (special yacht)

Composition Kit

35 absorbent towels 3 absorbent pads
4 Wipes
1 jumpsuit
1 pair of gloves
1 pair of shoes
1 pair of safety glasses 1 filter mask
2 disposable bags
2 life lights