Our Services

In keeping with our status as a specialized company, we offer four levels of exclusive and differentiated services.

1- Preparation

Our authorized technicians can take care of preparing for the deployment of your floating dams depending on your personnel and time constraints. This service allows the benefit of an experienced service respectful of our technical procedures in a perfectly controlled budget. Lump sum services.

2- Maintenance

Floating pollution dams may be damaged during their usage period due to climatic events, contexts of use or human actions. Our equipment can be repaired by our technicians in most cases on site or in the workshop. Services on request.

3- Deployment and Installation

The management of the deployment of water and the underwater stowage of a floating anti-pollution dam requires a real level of expertise and perfectly adapted qualifications. Our sailors and divers will evaluate and adapt the installation procedures to each site's contextual constraints. Services on request.

4- Training

Depending on the regularity and importance of your professional involvement in the aquatic environment, we propose a theoretical and practical training cell which is essential for the assimilation of structural and behavioral constraints related to floating pollution barriers. Lump sum services.