Retention containers

The POLYBAC retention tanks are made of a double coated 1100Dtex polyester fabric pvc. Its exclusive reinforced welds and its simplicity of implementation make the POLYBAC retention tanks the temporary or permanent storage solution for containers holding risky liquids.
Its foldable and preformed structure and its aluminum brackets do not require any specific tooling. POLYBAC retention tanks are 100% effective in retaining all the common pollutants that could harm the environment. Effective, resistant and delivered with a cover sheet it is part of the essential accessories.

Contexts of use

Factories, workshops, garages, building sites, depots, careening areas.



Product ID

See size below


Polychlorure de vinyl 600g/m2


With aluminium brackets

Ground protection

PVC with strengthened eyelet

Available sizes

1x1m réf:PO88-0255

1mx2m réf:PO88-0256

2mx2m réf:PO88-0257

2mx3,5m réf:PO88-0258

6mx2,5m réf:PO88-0259

2,5mx3,5m réf:PO88-0260

15mx5,5m réf:PO88-0303


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