As part of its specialization, Pollustock offers its customers a set of structured services adapted to the constraints and specificities of aquatic containment.

A. Installation service

The understanding of a floating dam, its deployment and its implementation are skills that are assertive that will be closely determining its behavior and therefore its longevity of use at its location.
It is generally accepted that with a floating dam for is as strong as it is, will not be able to durably withstand the pressures exerted by natural elements such as wind, waves and currents, if it has not been the subject of a previously studied layout and a pose managed by divers who have been trained in the various anchoring and stowage techniques that are specific to this equipment. The role of these experienced professionals justifying for some of them more than 10 years of specialization, is to understand each site and adapt their installation techniques case by case.

B. Training service

Under the guidance of the GIPM (Marine Pollution Response Group) Pollustock has been offering since June 2014, practical and theoretical training to fight against pollution in the aquatic environment.
It is through exercises and training courses organized over one or two days, to pass knowledge and reflexes on to the various actors or managers of the fight against pollution which are essential to a controlled and fully secure management of polluting events. Experience shows that the lack of training and understanding of dedicated equipment and products (dams, absorbers, dispersant) significantly reduces the effectiveness of interventions and may in some cases aggravate the initial crisis situation.

Among the trainings available in 2018:

- Practical training in pollution control techniques in the port environment.
- Practical training in pollution control techniques on rivers, streams, ponds and lakes.
- Theoretical training on intervention procedures in emergency situations.
- Theoretical training on floating anti-pollution dams.
- Presentation of new techniques and technologies related to the fight against pollution.

C. Planning and design

Objective expression of a company commitment in its field of performance, our division "study and design" works permanently for the research and the optimization of simple, innovative and pragmatic technical answers to the different problems of imbalance and aggression to which our biotope, being especially aquatic, is confronted.
This area of passion or the limits of the possible must often be rejected and where the imaginative intelligence must fully involve itself to understand and adapt, is now open to all those who wish to develop solutions directly or indirectly related to environmental preservation.
Our "research and design" division is characterized by an exceptional multi-disciplinarity and a spontaneous motivation to facilitate the synergies of skills and thus bring a real added value put at the service of our most demanding interlocutors.

This dynamic and efficient organization allows us to answer:

- Specific requests
- Contextual issues
- New product and equipment development
- Improvement and optimization of existing principles