Our expertise responds to the highest environmental requirements by developing suitable containment equipments in order to reduce human footprint in aquatic areas.

Among our different specialized equipments, the BRI-200 is a floating barrier anti-turbidity which was developed by our engineers to guarantee an important efficiency level.

Its flotation system is made up of a single tubular chamber linked to underwater screens up to 15 meters. Besides, at the lowest part, an high resistance anchor device has been selected.

Contrary to all the other floating barriers available in the market, our BRI-200 geo-textile or PVC screens are 100% waterproof thanks to the innovative horizontal and vertical joint system that we called SJS (Speed Jonction System).

On this shipyard driven by BUESA society, dozens of barriers linear meters with screens of 6 meters lengths has been installed in order to contain the polluants in a particular area.  The photo above shows the level of performance of our equipments.

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