association Nereus Art

The association Nereus Art is committed to the sea....

Among all the marinas that punctuate the Mediterranean coastline, the small associative ports are privileged places where human beings have been able to maintain a real proximity with the sea and the life which constitutes its inestimable wealth. The port des Fourmis, located in the town of Beaulieu-sur-Mer is the very expression of this balance or reigns a sense of wellbeing and a clear respect for biodiversity.

It is in keeping with their spirit of commitment and their determination to preserve this balance, that the president of the port association, Mr. Didier Sammut, and his harbor manager, Mr. Jean Marie Rastoldo, are financially supported by patronage granted during the year 2018 by the association Berlugane Nereus Art ( who have taken the initiative to equip themselves with a set of professional means dedicated to the prevention of accidental pollutant risk in the aquatic environment. A voluntary initiative that must be cited as an example and that the company Pollustock also wished to support by including, in its offer, an indispensable retention basin for the temporary storage of contaminated pollutants and accessories, as well as professional personal protective masks which are intended for the protection of stakeholders.

Equipment funded by Nereus Arts:

- A floating containment dam against surface pollution type BCM250
- Dams and absorbent sheets made of 100% polypropylene
- A special KAPY-50 marine emergency response kit

Equipment offered by the company Pollustock:

- A foldable POLYBAC retention basin for the pollutant storage
- 2 individual professional masks with lateral filter cartridges